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About Us

Establish since 01 Jan 2006, the company was founded by Mr. Lim Swee Yaw and Mr. Ang Ghee Eong when combine have more than twenty years of experience on the gasket market. We use non-asbestos material to manufacture our gasket and our major supplier is Interface Solutions, the grade we are using (1.) N8094 (2.) RN8011 respectively, the type of vehicles that we are concentrating is the Japanese, Korea and Malaysia national cars. Our main brand is Gasket King this is among the best in Malaysia local product, we used all qualities product, such as NOK, Nactec, ARS, NDK seal on our Gasket King product. Besides Gasket King we also have our Araii brand to cater for some of our customers that need affordable pricing. This brand is a complete content on the gasket set and convince the mechanic to finish off their job at once.
We import high quality product from famous
factory in the market, we also export our
product to Singapore and Indonesia and
have a big market supplier in Malaysia.
Our Mission
Our main purpose is to serve our client in the best of our capability of fullfill their inquiry to avoid any disappointment.
Our Vision
Our final object is to make our customer to multiply and make full use of their money to maximum power and buy our quality product.
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